The ultimate tool for any fencer or referee.
Available now on iOS.

Automated Pool Sheet. Run an entire pool in your hand.

It's simple. All you have to do is enter the names of the fencers. FencingRef takes care of everything. All of the bouts are generated and organized for you. When a bout is complete, the scores are automatically placed in the score sheet.

Best Mobile Timer. The perfect tool for any referee.

This is the most powerful part of the entire app. It does everything you may need, not just keep track of the score and time. It also keeps track of all the cards given during a bout and has a chart of which penalty to give for each offense. It can also calculate priority and time for an injury. This app is all you will ever need.

Automatically Calculated Scores. Calculations are done instantly and automatically.

Stop having to calculate everyones indicator at the end of the match. FencingRef does it instantly and automatically. Plus you can see the totals change as the pool goes on, not just at the end.


"FencingRef is the premier mobile tool for the fencing referee."

"THE iPhone and iTouch app for fencing refs."

-American Fencing Magazine


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